About Us

Starting business operations as a small scale company that runs welding workshops. The company then continues to develop into a company in the infrastructure and metal construction industries.

With skilled and trained human resources, the company has participated in accelerating national development and energy by producing high quality products and services, such as the Japek Highway elevated project, hydro power plan by working on the installation of penstock on the Poso 1 and Poso 2 hydropower plants, and we also provides finishing touch service with our own epoxy brand, segenchem.com.

Meanwhile, its subsidiary, PT Sigma Inter Buana (SIB), which focuses on the Import Export sector, trade in machine tools, prefab materials, construction, also plays a certain role in business development.

To this day, the company has consistently made improvements to create an efficient, economical, and competitive organization that will enable continuous innovation and achieve future opportunities.


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